About Us


We are Orașul Meu, Culorie Mele, a Romanian NGO committed to provide support to disadvantaged children suffering from chronic diseases.

Through our Creative Program* Orașul Meu, Culorie Mele has:

-Renovated orphanages, paediatric wards and hospital waiting rooms; and

-Developed Art Therapy Program** to reduce negative impact of hospitalization.



In developing our Art Therapy Program, Orasul Meu, Culorile Mele team worked closely with paediatricians, psychologists, teachers, architects and designers. Through the design, production and promotion of the giant colouring maps, Orasul Meu, Culorile Mele managed to raise money to renovate waiting rooms and paediatric wards in several hospitals from  Romania to the Republic of Moldova.

Our Giant Coloring maps are:

-Unique and versatile products, that can be used in homes, kindergartens, restaurants, strategic play areas, schools, waiting rooms etc;

-Designed, produced in Romania and printed on recycled paper, to minimize their environmental footprint, for the eco conscious consumer. Each map offers up to 80 hours of fun for the whole family;

-They have enjoyed commercial success, being available to the general public through some prominent retail chains, like Carturesti, Diverta and eMag, in addition to our online store at orasul-meu.com;

-The giant colouring maps appeal especially to parents, offering an alternative educational product that stimulates the children’s imagination and enriches their knowledge of great historical places in five Romanian cities;

-Orasul Meu, Culorile Mele giant colouring maps have successfully been used in education. They are a favourite among private education institutions, like Montesano Schools, which have integrated our products in their daily activities with children, with great feedback from teachers and parents alike, who recognize the therapeutic benefits of Orasul Meu, Culorile Mele products.


We embark to create joyful moments by designing meaningful and entertaining graphics for the use of both children and adults.

We want to bring colour to the lives of all children in special need that suffers of severe chronic diseases.


Today there are approximately 250,000 children (taking into account both Romania and Republic of Moldavia) are suffering from chronic diseases, such as cancer, HIV, cardiac insufficiency, hemophilia, kidney insufficiency or multiple sclerosis.

With your support, we can finance renovation and develop Art Therapy Program in medical facilities and orphanages from Romania to the Republic of Moldova and make them look like this!



Iulian is responsible for keeping close contact with and report to our partners about projects development. Iulian graduated a Master’s in Management and Marketing and has been working as a trainer for over seven year now. He knows exactly how to mobilize a large team and how to keep everyone motivated which makes him ideal for managing this project. Iulian is also a teacher at Fitness School MOVE ON FITNESS, and a personal trainer & instructor at World Class Romania. In 2016 he became the vice president of Orasul Meu, Culorile Mele.

No Foto - Orasul MeuProject coordinator: Oana JILAVU

Oana is leading projects from management, Implementation, Technical support and awareness. Oana is a Romanian Lawyer and became the President of Orasul Meu, Culorile Mele in 2016.

Lestat MONROE - Art DirectoryArt Director: Lestat MONROE

Lestat is oversing the concept, design and production of the personalized maps. Lestat  ran the very first outdoor art exhibit in Romania – CowParade. With the participation of contemporary Romanian artists, he promoted art in public places for charity, donating 75% of funds raised after the auction to Special Olympics Romania (an organization supported by Nadia Comaneci that promotes and helps athletes with mental disabilities). Lestat is Cow Parade Art Director for Eastern Europe since 2005. Founding member, he became in 2016 the vice president of Orasul Meu, Culorile Mele.

Copywriter: Ovidiu TITA

Ovidiu writes projecst related promotional materials, such as invitations, press releases, and online communications regarding the development of the projects. Ovidiu is a freelance writer.

Designer: Architect Irina URSACHE

The maps are created by architect Irina Ursache in colaboration with Lestat. Irina’s story begins in Bucharest, on April 27th, 1988. After years of covering her notebooks in doodles, she ended up studying architecture at the ‘Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism, graduating in 2013. Her wish to know more about the city’s past lives has lead to her attending a postgraduate course since 2014, specialising in the Rehabilitation of Historic Buildings, held by the Faculty of History and Philosophy, U.B.B., Cluj, graduating in the summer of 2016. Series of fortunate events has lead to her involvement in the Orașul Meu project, where she took on the illustrator’s role. Orasul Meu, Culorile Mele allowed her to combine her passion for drawing with that for promoting urban heritage among ‘colourers’. She hopes that those whom the maps reach will view the city, and it’s monuments, with a little more love.

Web and Written Communication Designer: Christopher LEE

Based in Shanghai, Chris & Lestat started their collaboration in Taiwan R.O.C. Highly creative and multitalented with extensive experience in multimedia, marketing and print design, Chris is active participant in the creative process from rough idea to brand launch. Great communicator, project manager, planner and team leader, he is especially fond of good design and typography.

*Our Creative Program consists in renovating children’s hospital facilities and orphanages, as well as developing Art Therapy Program in Romania and the Republic of Moldova.  **Art Therapy Program uses the creative process of making art to improve a person’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.