375,00 lei

Kids will be kids… but parents can still have peace of mind.

The Orasul Meu Watch provides reliable ways to stay connected to your children and makes sure their location is just a click away.

Real-Time Location Tracking: Give your kids their independence while knowing where they are at all times.

Two-Way Calling: Your child can receive and make calls like on a phone but for a much, much cheaper cost!

Automatically calls the next number in SOS mode if the first one is busy.

Built strong and sturdy, the OMWatch is made to take on every adventure and your kids will never want to go anywhere without it.

OMWatch Key Features:

  • Wearable Kid-Friendly Design but discrete;
  • Dedicated Call & SOS Buttons;
  • Real-time tracking, pedometer;
  • Alarm;
  • LED Status Indicators – 3 day autonomy minimum warranty;
  • Android™ and iOS Compatible;
  • Easy magnetic charger;
  • High quality materials;
  • Distraction-free;
  • No games.