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-A monthly recurring donation, direct 2% of income tax or 20% of profit tax. Click HERE for more details;

-Sponsor the implementation of our Creative Program*;

-Sponsorship of gifts to disadvantaged little patients in hospitals for Easter, Children’s Day, Saint Nicholas, Christmas;

-Sponsor CSR WorkClick HERE to download our CSR Programs;

-Volunteer work and / or in-kind sponsorship;

We are always happy to come up with tailored solutions in collaboration with your  HR and marketing department.

Media Partners:

Media Partners are important to us, without awareness around the worthy goal of our NGO we could not make things HAPPEN! Become today one of our media partners, spread the word about our Creative Program, and offer to your readers the maps for free.

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*Our Creative Program consists in renovating children’s hospital facilities and orphanages, as well as developing **Art Therapy Program in Romania and the Republic of Moldova. **Art Therapy Program uses the creative process of making art to improve a person’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.