Become a Retailer

Our NGO is partly self-sustaining via the sale of the products we have created, in order to be able to implement our Creative Program* in medical facilities from Romania to Republic of Moldova. Clients can buy directly from our online store as well as in leader retailers like: Cărtureşti, Diverta, eMag …



Place and sell our products into your stores to support the worthy goal behind. We donate 100% of what you buy from us to help children with severe chronic diseases.

Malls / Hypermarkets:

« If kids play, parents will shop! »

-Place our XXL Giant colouring walls at the entrance and create special colouring events for children;

-Use our Giant Colouring Maps in your play areas, providing parents time to shop and increase sales in the stores.


-Become one of our partners by using our placemats and giant colouring maps to entertain young guests. We offer as well customized printing with the children menu and restaurants’ logo

-Your business can be part of a growing groundswell of people supporting disadvantaged children suffering from chronic diseases. Click here to download and discover our retailer offers.

Please feel free to contact us at in order to get a personalized and adapted offer.



*Our Creative Program consists in renovating children’s hospital facilities and orphanages, as well as developing Art Therapy Program** in Romania and the Republic of Moldova.  **Art Therapy Program uses the creative process of making art to improve a person’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.